Tips You Should Know Before Selling Your Android Device

We all love to have the latest technology in hand. Hence, the timely buying of the new smartphone is the new norm in the market. But we forget to remove all the data or make a backup for the same. Therefore, it’s of immense importance to know about specific guidelines before selling up your Android device. 

First, you need to be careful to sell an Android device to the right person. This keeps on the safe side in the future. Also, you must know about backing up data and restoring it. 

Follow the below steps before selling an Android device:

Do back-up your contacts, emails, call records and messages

In general, most people rely mostly on Google apps on an Android smartphone. So, you won’t face much problem in transferring data from one android device to another. The contacts are already backed up with the person’s google account, which he/she signed up while setting up the device. 

Just check the Google Play store to check the email id where all your data is synced up. Similarly, the email gets backed up through the mailing server. You need to log in the same email id to check whether all email is there or not. 

To back up your contacts, enable the contact sync from the account settings menu. Likewise, to back up the text messages, download the specific application known as “SMS backup and restore” from Google play store. From here, you can create XML backup. 

This can be synced over to cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox. You can quickly restore the backup on your new device by using the same app. 

To back up the call history records, you may use the app “Super Backup & Restore.” It helps to back up many things from your old device to a new one. 

Media backup

Our photos and videos are quite personal to us. Any loss of information can be a massive loss to the user. For doing the media backup, connect your phone to your computer through a USB cable.

Once you create the connection, it should pop right up as a USB drive. After this, all your photos and videos in the folder name DCIM; copy that folder to the computer. Hence, in conclusion, all your media gets back up. 

Similarly, you may sync your photos and videos through “Google Photos.” This application provides the option to unlimited high-resolution photo backup.

Backing up the WhatsApp

The most popular instant messenger holds the most crucial information of the user. It has our day to day conversations. At the time, transferring the WhatsApp chats can be a difficult task. 

But you can back up the WhatsApp data through google drive. You can use the google drive to restore the WhatsApp data to the new device. 

Just open the WhatsApp option from Facebook and select the chat backup option. Then choose the backup to google drive. Go for backup frequency other than never. 

After that, select the google account you like to backup the chat history. In the end, all your WhatsApp conversations can get back up to google drive on any android device. 

Final checkup

After you have done all the backup, you need to make the final checkup. Before you go for the last factory reset, make sure you ideally remove all accounts you sign in. You need to go to the settings and select the accounts option. 

There you need to check whether there is a presence of any active google accounts on the device or not.  In case you are unable to find it, type the accounts in the search bar of the settings page. You may see the google account sign in, if there. 

After that, click on the “remove account” to remove the account. The last step is to do the “factory data reset.” Just choose the “erase all data and factory reset.” When the device restarts, you need to verify its been set up or not. To make sure all the data are erased, Factory Reset your device for at least 3 times before handing over your to another person.

Now you are on the safe side and ready to handover the android device to the other person.

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