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“Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Electronic products have been gifted to mankind by various scientists to make our lives easier. We are super dependent on them to get our work done with ease. Be it the microwave ovens, chimneys, water purifiers that we use at our homes, or the cellphones and laptops that are an inseparable entity of us, the usage of electronic goods is everywhere. The future only holds more of the invention of gadgets that will help make lives for human beings run at a smoother and faster pace. However, just like the story of Frankenstein Scientific invention comes with its own sets of negative consequences. An ambition without any foresight can be perilous and it can lead to our destruction.

Most of us tend to discard our personal gadgets the very minute they begin to falter even by 1%. But like the health of a human being which may not always be super fit the health of these electronic products may sometimes falter. Moreover, it shouldn’t be the reason why we should discard it way before their life-span is actually over.

Have you ever wondered what happens to these cellphones that we discard so frequently for minute reasons? Millions of personal devices such as computers and cellphones end up in the landfills way before their real lifespan is over. Only 20% of these electronic wastes (e-waste) get recycled globally and only 1.5% get recycled in India. The remaining e-waste in the country is overseen by the unorganised sector and scrap vendors who dismantle them or sell them off for almost free of cost instead of recycling these products. This is an unfortunate state considering e-wastes are one of the most dangerous categories of waste products because they are made up of toxic elements such as lead, mercury, and cadmium which do not decompose or degrade.  They usually contaminate the soil and water to affect the basic amenities of life such as food and water or they release toxic elements in the air.

Mobiles are the most perilous part of e-waste in our country. Considering the kind of implications it has on our health and environment, we decided to do something about this whole scenario.

 We are living in a world where the virtual is the new normal. Classes, tutorials, examinations, work, and everything else has shifted majorly to a virtual space. But what about the people who don’t have access to smartphones or other gadgets? Smartphones are no longer a luxury they are a necessity.

Mobitrade is the brainchild which was born out of these questions, to make the best out of your e-wastes. We firmly believe in reuse, reduce, and recycle. A good 50% of us tend to throw away our cell phone only for a duration of 2 months or so because there is an upgraded version available in the market or it has got a scratch on the surface. However, these cellphones are as good as any new phone and anyone can reuse them. At Mobitrade we collect all kinds of cellphones (we definitely do not judge a phone by its cover), refurbish them, and make sure that it reaches the people who cannot afford to buy one. There are so many underprivileged students who are not being able to attend their classes because they do not have a functional cell phone. Similarly, there are so many workers who are still stranded and are not being able to communicate with their families or even send any financial support to their families because they do not have the money to buy a cellphone. You could help a victim of domestic violence by donating your cell phone. And, could also help someone with a medical emergency reach out for medical help at the times of dire need with something that you no longer need. The possibilities by which you could help someone by donating your phone to us are absolutely endless.

 Your e-waste could be a life savior for another. Instead of donating are you thinking of exchanging your phone for a new one? We provide the best value for your old cellphone following which we bear the cost of refurbishing it. Post that our team helps it reach the people who need it.  Hopefully, the next time you are thinking of getting a new upgraded version of a cell phone you will consider giving it to us. There is absolutely no cost involved in it, and you definitely don’t incur any kind of loss. On the positive side, you are not only helping your mother nature breathe you are also doing a great humanitarian deed. All our cellphones experience a thorough quality check process through versatile wellbeing diagnostics programming before they are handed over. We are an e-commerce company with a robust connection with some of the biggest companies in this industry. Our success story lies in the fact that we have been able to convert 25,000 people to believe in us and our big dream of recycling someone’s e-waste into an extremely useful object for someone else. Our clients are our biggest advocates and they motivate us to do better every day. Do you have a question in mind? Are you still a little skeptical about donating your old cellphone? You can call us on 8700172840 or write to us on

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children” – famous American proverb.

Sustainability teaches us to coexist, to care for the very world that we are living in. Not generating e-waste is a massive step towards sustainability which can help so many lives. One small choice of life can impact the lives of so many others. 50% of our forest covers are gone, the ozone layer is depleting, landfills are filling up rapidly, and it almost feels like the human race is on the verge of existence. We are in very thin sheets of ice, if we don’t take a step today then very soon we will be drowning. Sustainability should be practiced as a way of life and not just as another choice that we can choose to ignore.

Choosing to stop generating e-waste and donating it can be your very first step towards a conscious life. Do not let your smartphone end up in the landfills and cause harmful effects on the environment long before their life span is over, donate it and help someone survive.

At Mobitrade, we are a bunch of extremely enthusiastic people who look forward to nothing more than serving awesome superhumans like you reading our very first blog post. We are here to welcome the wave of change and take the necessary steps to make it happen.

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