8 Super-Simple (but valid!) Ways to Discover If Your New iPhone is Real or Fake in 2022

Interested in finding out if your new iPhone device is real or fake in 2022? Read on to find out. 

Starting from the iPhone 7, to iPhone 8, X, XR, 11, 12 Pro Max, and the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max— these are iPhone models are smartphone icons, and consumers’ most preferred choice– iPhones have become the most preferred phones in the market because of their slim-smart body design, high-quality image and video resolution, large internal storage, internet speed, and other amazing features unique to each model, regardless of their wallet-draining prices. 

However, android users who want to try out the premium-like spec and features of the iPhones for the first time might find it difficult to spot an original iPhone, especially when buying a second-hand iPhone. 

Unauthorized smartphone dealers and fraudsters are now rampant in the market, and you can find them in almost every phone store you visit. Sometimes, they would attempt to sell to you a cloned iPhone or a non-factory remake. This usually happens especially when you want to buy a used iPhone. 

In this simple guide, we’ll be walking you through 8 super simple ways to discover if an iPhone is real or fake in 2022. 

Do these to Check if your iPhone is Real or Fake.

1. Check the Price

One of the first things to check whether your iPhone is real or fake is to check the selling price. If the price sounds a little weird, then you should be hinted that what you’re about to buy is fake.

For instance, if you intend to buy a used iPhone 12 Pro Max, you probably must have made a little inquiry about the price from previous users. This should give you an idea that a used iPhone 12 Pro Max in 2022 must-have some price reduction, probably 30%. This is because an iPhone 12 Pro Max is still as classy and premium in 2022, even though it was released in 2020.

As of its release in 2020, a new iPhone 12 Pro Max in India was sold for  ₹119,900. But in 2022, a used iPhone 12 Pro Max would be sold in the range of ₹77,999-₹84,999 or thereabouts. 

Now, if the price is ridiculously cheap— way too cheap for a used iPhone 12 Pro Max, then there’s a huge possibility that it might be fake.

2. Try to Launch Apple Store and iTunes.

While you’re still examining your just-bought iPhone, try to launch Apple Store. An original iPhone will connect to the Apple Store where you can download apps for an iOS device. If it connects to any other store or the Play Store, for instance, it is an android phone in the guise of an iPhone.

Also, you can launch the iTunes app and see if it connects. Once connected to the internet, an original iPhone would usually connect to iTunes on the first tap.

3. Check if Siri Works.

One important and common feature of iOS smartphones is the virtual assistant known as Siri. 

iPhone users have Siri as a voice assistant that obeys commands and queries using the internet and suggests recommendations and updates schedules. Its Android counterpart is known as the Google Assistant, and Cortana for Windows. 

Checking if Siri works is another feature to make sure you haven’t been swindled at the phone store. Launch a certain query with Siri and see if it works. If it doesn’t, then the originality of the iPhone should be doubted.

4. Check the Operating System (iOS).

The iOS is a piece of glaring evidence that your iPhone is original. Now, you must have bought a used iPhone 11 or 12 for instance for half the price of the new one. And the so-called phone sellers might want to make you a victim of fraud by selling to you an Android or Windows Phone in the guise of an iPhone. 

You shouldn’t fall for it. Always check the operating system to see if it’s truly iOS. You can get what the operating system is immediately after the phone is turned on. If you start getting the operations of an android device on an iPhone, then you’re holding a fake iPhone.

5. Enter the IMEI number on the Apple website.

Confirming the IMEI number of an iPhone device is one way to confirm the originality of your iPhone, whether used or new. If it’s a used iPhone, you can access the IMEI number from the settings and enter it on the Apple website: https://check overage.apple.com/in/en. On this website, you’ll confirm all the necessary details about your phone. 

6. Check the Charging Port.

iPhones usually have a different kind of charging port different from Android smartphones. Android smartphones have either the Micro-USB port or the USB Type C port (most common in OnePlus and Xiaomi phones). Apple iPhones on the other hand use Apple lightning cables.

If you plug an Apple lightning cable and it doesn’t fit in for a charge, then it’s probably a fake and should be confirmed using one or all of the different ways above.

7. Check the Lock Screen Feature.

While you’re examining your just-bought used iPhone all over, try looking at the Lock Screen feature to confirm its originality.

Original iPhones usually have an animated “slide to unlock” feature. The “slide to unlock” of an original iPhone keeps highlighting from left to right. A fake iPhone’s “slide to unlock” feature is usually static.

8. Check if your iPhone has expandable storage.

The recent iPhones from X, XR, 11,12, and the latest iPhone 13 have big storage. So, if you’re buying any of these models for a used price, endeavor to check if it doesn’t have expandable storage like SD card slots. If it has, then it’s an android in the guise of an iPhone and should be avoided like the plague.


If you’re buying a phone, ensure you confirm its originality. A used iPhone has many clones, kinds, and variants. It is necessary to cross-check if your iPhone is fake before taking it home. Give yourself time to be sure of what type of phone you’re about to pay for.

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