How to Backup Your Data When You Are Moving to A New iPhone?

Switching on to your new iPhone can make you feel on top of the world. But you might be a little stressed over transferring your precious info from an old to a new iPhone. It might give you a minor panic attack for sure. But not anymore, all you need to read the below instructions to find ways for the same. Now, you can easily back up your data from an old to a new iPhone. 

Moreover, it would be an excellent idea to Back up your data before switching to the latest iOS. In general, most people use iCloud Backup for the same. Thus, foremost you need to understand what all is the process of iCloud Backup. 

It is a helpful tool that makes the process of Backup in the most comfortable manner. Plus, the most convened tool too. The method of restoring becomes relatively smooth.

However, iCloud doesn’t give a guarantee to backup everything on the phone. Below things are not restored through iCloud: –

  • Things already present in iCloud like contacts, calendar appointments, notes, your photo stream, photo library. 
  • The data is already stored up on other cloud services. Example: -Gmail or Microsoft Exchange mail 
  • Apple Pay Info and the Touch ID 
  • Media files like e-books, music, and videos (imported media files) besides Apple’s own iTunes, example: -Amazon 
  • Any app store or iTunes

The whole process of iCloud Backup

This is a feature through which you can easily backup the old data to the cloud. It works for every iOS, iPhone, iPad, or iPod. When you connect your device to iCloud Backup automatically, your data gets to save up. 

It works even when your phone is getting power, is locked, or has connectivity with WIFI. Hence, it’s one of the best options to do Backup.

How can you use the iCloud Backup?

Make sure you follow the below points for the same: –

  • Go to the settings option 
  • Click on the iCloud option 
  • Then click on Backup 
  • iCloud Backup appears on your phone screen 
  • The Backup starts as soon as you tap on the Back up Now 
  • Make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi until the whole process gets over. in a few minutes, the entire process gets done. You can also check the progress of the same Backup. Check below: –
  • Click on settings 
  • Select iCloud 
  • Choose storage 
  • Click on Manage storage 
  • Choose your device. Doing so will show all details of when your phone had the last Backup. It even shows the backup file size 

Things you need to be careful about 

You should know that iCloud Backup works only on certain conditions.  However, cell data may not be used for creating or updating iCloud Backup. Many times the photos can use the iPhone’s cellular data connection to sync. 

 Make sure you follow these points: –

  • Check if your device is connected to a power supply.
  • It would help if you had a WIFI connection (or connected to the internet). But an easy option to save data is to turn off the iCloud completely. 
  • The device needs to be looked upon 
  • Make enough space in iCloud to store the Backup. 

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