­Top 9 Reasons To Buy Second-hand iPhone 11

The iOS smartphones aka iPhones have, over the years become the “sexiest” of phones. 

They have become one of the most sought-after smartphone types by smartphone lovers, and the most expensive smartphones in India and the world. 

If you’re a gadget lover, you’ll surely love to have one. 

If you love to own one but can’t afford the exorbitant price, you can buy a used iPhone and still flaunt it. A second-hand iPhone is usually less expensive, would economize your wallet, and still give you the ideal iOS smartphone you desire. 

In this article, you’ll read some of the reasons why you should buy a second-hand iPhone 11 which was released in September 2019, today. 

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1 Same Software with the Latest iPhones.

 A fairly used iPhone 11 has the same software version as the more recent versions. 

That is the number one reason you should buy a used iPhone. If you would love to economize and still get the best you can get a recently older version. 

Apple recently launched the iPhone 13 Pro Max, but if you get a used iPhone 11 Pro Max, it is not bad at all. 

The software is still the same, but with some touch of improvements in spec and features in the latest version. 

Nonetheless, you still, technically have the same version and almost the same spec and features for a far lesser price.

2 Design Consistency

The next reason to buy a second-hand iPhone 11 is the consistency in design with the latest versions i.e. iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. 

When you examine the design between iPhone 11 or its Pro Max, you will notice their design similarities. 

The only clear difference is the camera lenses. 

The iPhone 11 has two camera lenses while the latest iPhones have three camera lenses. But that shouldn’t bother you as you still have the same body design, neat in its fairly used form, and dope in its photography just like the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

3 Reduction in Sales Price.

Another cool reason to buy an iPhone 11 that is fairly used is the price. 

If you decide to buy an iOS smartphone today, especially when it is new and latest, you’ll spend a whole lot of money. 

But if you want to get almost the same value as the latest, a fairly used iPhone X or iPhone 11 for instance will cost eight times less than the new one or the newest and latest one. 

If you have an iPhone 11 which is fairly used and neat you have nearly the same spec and features for a way lesser price.

4 Used iPhones are Better than Many Androids.

Yes, that is a fact up there you just read. 

iPhones are generally better than Android smartphones and other operating systems like Windows and BlackBerry because they’ve provided you with the best photographic camera on a single phone, a large internal memory, large enough to save many of your big files, a big RAM that makes your phone run smoothly without fear of hanging, and that phone you desire to flaunt amongst your colleagues and peers. 

iPhone 11 also has these features and specs. It almost results in the same thing when you buy a new one for a high price and when you buy a fairly used one for a lesser price. 

You put a lot of money away in your wallet and still get the phone specs and features you desire.

5 Recently Old, Yet Lasting Classiness.

iPhone 11 is an old phone now because the iPhone 12 and 13 are out now in the market. 

But observing logically, the iPhone 11 isn’t really an old phone. 

It was released two years ago, and that doesn’t mean it has lost its classiness as an iPhone of the latest era. It is still that phone of high-class anybody wants to have.

A fairly second-hand iPhone 11 will still provide you with that smartphone class you so desire.

6 Suitable for Digital Entrepreneurship.

An iPhone 13 will be bought mostly by the rich fellas. 

Many struggling entrepreneurs cannot afford such luxuriousness of the latest iPhone 13, yet they need a phone perfect for Instagram business, TikTok content creation, and other social media that involves images to create content. 

A second-hand iPhone 11 would surely give you all you want in terms of being a content creator on social media. 

You can shoot the dopest photographs and the clearest videos with a used iPhone 11. 

7 Refurbished iPhones are Reliable from the Right Source.

Another reason you should buy a used iPhone is that you get a licensed second-hand distributor. A refurbished iPhone is usually sold with warranties, assurances, and a guarantee.

8 You Can Choose Any Carrier. No Contracts

Usually, when purchasing a new iPhone you will need to choose a carrier and sign up for a two-year contract – which comes with its list of headaches and problems. 

Fairly used phones, which are already unlocked can be activated to work with any carrier, without the need for contracts. 

This makes it easy to switch between carriers as needed to get better service and save a few smackers here and there. Having this option puts you in control of your service, instead of putting your service in charge of you. 

9 iPhone 11 has Superb Photo and Video Quality

It is no news that iPhone 13 Pro Max has taken over the iOS smartphone market, yet older iPhones are still selling massively daily. 

For instance, a used iPhone 11 still has that excellent photo and video quality iPhone 12 and13 has. Many iPhone lovers still pursue the iPhone 8, X, and 11 daily. 

You may prefer a neatly used iPhone 11 for instance and still get the same superb photography clarity and superb video capturing with it instead of an expensive iPhone 13.

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