If you’re here, you’re probably thinking of changing your phone. Maybe you don’t have enough money to go for a new phone, or you need a second phone for some extra work. 

One advisable option would be to get a second-hand phone in India. 

However, you need to have an idea of some common problems to watchout or else you could end up losing your money.

In this article, we’ll be listing out 10 of the top problems you would encounter while on the search to buy a used phone. 

Here they are;

Problem 1: The phone’s Lifespan

Some phones have a shelf-life of about 2-3 years. 

Buying this kind of device after it has been used for 1+ year could pose a potential problem for you in the future. The phone could develop a fault and pack up within a few weeks or months. 

To have an idea of how long a phone is expected to last, subtract the shelf-life or guarantee period from the previous owner’s period of use.

Problem 2: Support for security updates

These days, hackers and data thieves are roaming the internet, looking for people to scam. 

They hack people’s phones and steal private information to carry out their shady deals. 

To avoid this issue happening to you, check if the mobile phone still supports important security updates. 

If it doesn’t, the buyer is expected to let you know clearly so you know beforehand what it is you’re planning on getting yourself into.

Problem 3: AMOLED screen burn

Not really a “burn” per se, but a problem that happens due to heavy usage. 

This is when a specific image or color remains stuck in the background of your phone, no matter what you type or open on the screen. 

An AMOLED screen contains organic compounds that tend to degrade- just like batteries- due to using excessive brightness on the same page for a long period of time. 

Make sure to check for this problem or else you might end up having flushed your money down the drain.

Problem 4: Terrible battery life

The battery, just like the AMOLED screen is made up of degradable compounds. 

A battery develops terrible battery life if the previous owner was a hardcore user who used up the battery life the phone has to offer. 

To avoid issues regarding battery life, test the phone out for sometime to take note of the battery’s depletion speed. 

It’s probably better not to buy a phone whose juices get depleted from 100% to 50% under 25 minutes.

Problem 5: Network-provider support

One important problem with most second-hand phone buyers is buying a phone that isn’t supported by their network provider. 

While trying to buy a second-hand phone in India, insert your sim into the phone and confirm if it connects with your network provider or not. 

If it doesn’t connect, know that the phone and your network provider aren’t compatible. 

Problem 6: Manufacturer’s guarantee voided

When trying to buy a second hand phone, know that you won’t be able to take your phone to the manufacturer for repairs or replacements. 

This is one big issue second-hand phones in India suffer from. 

If you’re sure you can always keep the phone in good condition, you might not have to go to the phone office at all.

Problem 7: Packaging fake products

Human nature sometimes gets the best of some second-hand phone sellers in India- where they package fake phones for sale. 

To avoid being scammed, have a visual idea of what the phone you want to buy looks like. 

Know some key features the phone has to offer, or else, you’ll be walking home with a fake thinking you made your first great buy. 

Problem 8: Old chip-set and OS

With an old phone comes an old chip-set and OS. 

Sometimes, don’t expect to see new features on your phone, and expect a few lags once a while (as it ages). 

If you’re fine with these, good for you. But if you aren’t, then go for something that would do the job you need it to do effectively.

Problem 9: Buying blacklisted phones

Some second-hand phone sellers in India sell phones that they haven’t completely paid off. 

If you end up taking a phone like this home, the buyer could report this phone as misplaced or stolen to avoid paying their debt. The phone company could then blacklist the phone. 

You lose on both ends. 

To avoid this problem, insert your sim card into the phone to check if the phone works fine, or else, buy from a reliable and trusted second hand seller.

Problem 10: Stolen Phones

Just like selling blacklisted phones, some sellers sell stolen phones in India. When these phones are traced, it could lead the police to your doorstep.

Most phones are GPS-enabled and could be tracked by the original owner down to your place. 

If you don’t want strangers including the police at your doorstep, buy your second hand phone from a reliable and verifiable source. 


If you’re planning on buying a second hand phone, you should have an idea of some of the main problems of buying second-hand phones in India now. 

To avoid these problems altogether, research the type of phone you intend on buying. Know the features you need the phone to perform, and have a range on the fair price to pay. 

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Always remember, there are enough good second-hand phone sellers in the market.

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