The year 2020 taught us a lesson when it comes to taking our sanitization for granted. COVID 19 pandemic broke out in the last month of the year 2019, and it is still raging the world. With about 33 million cases worldwide, it has to lead to a severe rethinking of all activities around the world, and it will take a long time for people to go back to the ‘new normal’.

People all over the world have now slowly started to prepare for a world where the government will soon lift the restrictions, and they will go back to their workplaces. For over eight months, people have been staying back at home and doing work from home itself with whatever gadgets that are available to them. With the workers coming back to the office spaces, especially the ones who work in the IT sector, there will be an increase in new and expired work from home devices. This leads to a scary but genuine danger that is posing the world after the pandemic—an increase in e-waste.

What is e-Waste, and why is it harmful?

People all over the world are aware of the increasing use of plastic leads to environmental degradation. Protests are happening all over the world due to increasing cutting down of forest lands and giving space to industries. But people are not at all aware of the amount of harm e-waste causes to the environment.

E-wastes are non-biodegradable wastes that lead to an increase in environmental degradation all over the world. They affect air, water, soil, and they fill up landfills. Starting from wild animals to oceanic animals, everyone will get affected one day when this waste increases at an unprecedented amount. Around 50 millions of tones of e-waste is produced around the years, which is equivalent to about 4500 Eiffel towers and around the weight of all commercial aircraft that have been made throughout history. It is a serious issue that people should look into and start raising awareness. India is among the top five e-waste generators in the world, and indeed it is a pressing issue. Around 82% of these e-waste materials are personal devices that are dumped into landfills and lead to increased harm to the environment.

How will Mobitrade help you to be aware of e-waste?

From the growing concern around the environment and the hazards around it, Mobitrade has come up with a new way to help people with managing e-waste. Mobitrade looks forward to recycling and refurbishing materials that are to be discarded. For example, if you want to scrap your old mobile phone, then you can donate it to Mobitrade. They will help to refurbish them free of cost and will allow people to get a mobile who cannot afford to buy one for them. They have excellent exchange offers where they can exchange your phone and then refurbish it so that a person who needs one can get one.

Mobitrade not only looks forward to managing and controlling e-waste but also looks forward to educating the mass regarding the side effects of it. The website is beaming with enriching information regarding the different environmental hazards and ways to control them. Mobitrade thus aims to take a step in that direction. 

How will one control e-waste in a COVID environment?

In a post COVID work environment, people need to pull up their sleeves when it comes to taking care of their surroundings. The employees, who used to work from home, will come back with all their outdated devices and materials. The companies have to make sure that this does not lead to a bigger problem of e-waste generation.

If we consider that around a 100% e-waste is generated on the planet, we should also know that only 20% of it gets formally recycled. The rest 80% is dumped into landfills and thus leads to adverse damage to land, air, water and soil around us. The IT companies, as they have a lot of capital, should look forward to taking care of the e-waste in a reasonable manner.

The only way to make sure that not much waste is generated, recycling and reusing old things should be ensured. The IT companies should look forward to engaging with disposition companies like Mobitrade who help to recycle and reduce waste.

Ways to recycle e-waste:

There are plenty of ways in which one can help to recycle and reduce e-waste. Companies like mobitrade make it a point to help out with IT asset remarketing, which allows reducing the total ownership cost of the electronic materials.

How the IT companies can help to reduce e-waste are-

  • Donate or sell for refurbishing- The companies can make it a point to collect all the outdated electronic devices and donate it to companies like Mobitrade who will refurbish it free of cost and will give it to the ones who cannot afford it. Starting from laptops, mobile phones, modems, chargers, everything can be refurbished and not dumped into landfills. The owners can also sell to other buyers who can renovate and use them again.
  • Don’t throw away the batteries- The batteries that help your mobile phone and other electronic devices to run are made up of lithium and lead, and these are incredibly harmful to the environment. So make sure not to throw them away and create a bigger mess for the environment. The batteries can be recharged and used for other purposes easily.
  • Work in a group or as a team- For not heaping up e-waste on our ledger, the one thing we can do as conscious citizens is to share our products. Two people can use one charger at different times; one laptop can serve the purpose of many presentations. If one shares and divides work accordingly, then it will be easier to get the job done and also reduce waste at the same time.
  • Take care of your gadgets- The devices that you use also need a certain amount of respect from your side. If you use them very haphazardly and roughly, then it becomes challenging to make it last. Make sure you don’t overcharge your laptop or your phone. Try and make your hard disk not too full and delete unwanted items. Don’t open risky websites on the internet, which might make your laptop prone to virus and malware. When the world is fighting from one virus, we don’t need some more attacking our laptops too. If you look forward to making your devices last for a long time, then you can make sure these small steps are followed.
  • Use cloud storage instead of hard storage devices- It’s imperative for us to learn about how our phones or laptops are not capable of storing a lot of photos, videos, songs etc. so what we should do instead of heaping up memory cards and hard disks, is we should buy more cloud storage when it runs out of space. Cloud storage will help to make sure that all your essential items are backed up and safe and will never delete anything without your permission. It is easily accessible on the internet and can be accessed from anywhere. The disadvantage of getting a separate device for storage is that it can break down at any time.

However, these are the few ways in which one could control e-waste in the COVID 19 environment. Call or WhatsApp Mobitrade now on – 8700172840 or 8448712131. You can also visit the website,  to know everything in detail.

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